Magic Libraries Foundation has a Board of Trustees, a Secretariat and an independent auditor

The Board of Magic Libraries Foundation is the decision-making body of the Foundation and is responsible for the management of the Foundation. The board consist of the following members:

Yuko Matsuoka Harris and Robert Harris (founding members)

Setsuko Klossowska de Rola (founding member)
Stéphanie Hafner
Bénédicte Evans
Andrew Hunziker
John West

Previous Members and Advisers
Georges Malempré (founding member)
Olivier Rilliet (founding member)
Jean-Louis de Gunzburg (adviser)
John Bangs (adviser)

The Secretariat is in charge of the daily management of the Foundation, and the development and implementation of its projects in accordance with the Board’s guidelines.

General Secretary
Katherine Owen

Administrative and Financial Assistant
Yvan Vesely